Helping you Increase Quality of Care While Reducing Costs

As the healthcare system shifts from a fee-for-service model to a value-based care model, you’ll be rewarded for delivering high-quality, cost effective care and achieving better health outcomes. That’s not as easy as it sounds, and that’s where CINQCARE ACO REACH comes in. ACO REACH is a CMS accountable care program designed to help participating providers improve care for individuals receiving benefits through traditional Medicare. That means better health outcomes for patients, all while reducing the cost of service.

Why Join?

Joining CINQCARE ACO REACH aligns your practice with the transition to value-based care. As the current fee-for-service model evolves to payment models that reward quality, outcomes, and cost efficiency, your participation in our program will better position your practice for success in this evolving healthcare landscape.

CINQCARE Partner Testimonials

Dr. Wilfred Herard, MD ( CEO, Proactive Care IPA) and Ms. Deborah Forbes (Executive VP, Operations, Doral Health & Wellness) share their experiences as partners of CINQCARE.

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Program Benefits

Enhanced Practice Support

Administrative model participation and clinical support, including a dedicated Practice Transformation Consultant.

Wrap-around services, including support and networks for home-based care, behavioral health, and social needs.

Empowers members with the tools and insights necessary to optimize care delivery, improve patient outcomes, and drive operational efficiencies within their practices.

Benefits & Protections

Beneficiaries keep all their rights, coverage and benefits, including the freedom to see any Medicare-Enrolled provider they choose.

Providers receive enhanced supports to ensure Family Members (patients) receive high-quality, attentive, well-coordinated, efficient health and care.

Telehealth, home visits and Part B cost sharing relief and other benefit enhancements (e.g., 3-Day Hospital Stay SNF Rule Waiver) improve access, enhance care, and allow for better coordination of services

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